Where it all Started...

Natural Ingredient Vibes (NiV) Living was formed by three women focused on clean health and beauty. We are children of God with a simple philosophy: We believe natural components have the power to heal and restore the body. Our Mission is to be the answer...the solution...and the final destination to your search for skin and hair care greatness! 

Toddale Smith

 All hail to the Chemist... The Vibe... The Creator and Founder of NiV! Born in Chicago, raised in Minneapolis, Toddale is a massive explosion concealed in a tiny package! At a very young age she knew she was destined to be an Entrepreneur but was unsure of the direction. As she went through life educating herself on the benefits of an all natural lifestyle, she learned that there are a number of people unaware of how many chemicals and toxins they consume on a daily basis. This knowledge sparked Toddale's passion for creating skin and hair care products that she could provide to her community - giving all praise to Jesus Christ.
That was the birth of NiV Living.
Toddale studied Visual Communications and Marketing at Chicago State University. Her professional experience is in Sales and Project Management. She has a strong passion for music/arts and entertainment. If you ever need a singer for your event - you just found one! When she's not singing (and sometimes even when she is) she's traveling or spending quality time with family and friends! Toddale has one objective - to provide chemical and toxin free products to as many people as she can, by making NiV Living a strong household name!
Because YOU deserve it!
Nikki Faulkner
Our Jack of all trades! Born in Minnesota, currently residing in Dallas, TX. With a drive that is unmatched, Nikki keeps the team on their toes. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and understands what it takes to run a business that is committed to helping others. Life has taught Nikki first hand, the negative impact chemicals and toxins can have on the body. Realizing at an early age that she is highly sensitive to almost everything under the sun, Nikki started her journey to becoming organic and all-natural over a decade ago...beginning with her diet, then her body care and beauty products and eventually expanding to her household items (because why buy organic food just to prepare it on cookware that releases toxins - right?!).
Today, Nikki is all things certified organic, all-natural, gluten free, and yes - Vegan. She has a passion for culture, travel, youth development and healthy living, and lives by her mantra: "happiness is your birthright!" Nikki's professional experience in Operations, Risk, Compliance and Finance, partnered with Pilar's medicinal experience and Toddale's creative ability to craft the perfect recipes, results in the perfect combination to ensure NiV can confidently stand by the claim of providing all Natural skin and hair care products to the NiV family!
What Nikki says goes, and Nikki says, leave those chemical cocktails alone - Go Natural with NiV!


Pilar Jett

Raised in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia, Pilar works as a CPhT. She studied chemistry compounding in Chicago, Illinois and majored in International Business Management, before going on to be an Ambassador for safe medicinal practices,  graduating top of her class with a 4.2 GPA. If you've ever met her, you know Pilar keeps a smile on her face, even in the midst of adversity. She has passion for life, a thirst for knowledge, and a genuine love of people. She thrives on travel and cultural immersion. Her ultimate goal is to help women of all ages find and embrace their true inner beauty, while pampering their outer beauty with safe, natural skin care products. Pilar hopes to show people that NiV Living is not "just another body care line," but one unique and divine stepping stone on our path to a Natural and Vibrant life.